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Name: Ekaterina Plekhova
Age: 23
Height: 174
Profession:    Post - graduate Student
Hobbies: Classical Literature, Travelling, Foreign Languages
Motto: Be the change you wish to see in the World
Languages: English, Russian, German


My name is Ekaterina Plekhova and I am twenty three years old. I’m honored to represent Russia at the Miss Intercontinental 2013 in Germany.

I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia. I graduated from high school and State Maritime Academy with honors and, currently, I am doctoral candidate for a PhD in technical arts.

Sports have always been an important aspect of my life. I engaged in athletics for nine years and was successful in hurdles. Sports gave me not only a beautiful shape and a healthy lifestyle philosophy, but also developed me as hardworking, motivated and friendly person.

I love to learn new things: studyind foreign languages, travelling and meeting new people. It is amazing to have friends in differnt countries!

I'm very excited to meet all the contestants and visit wonderful Germany.